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Training Bundle

A training essential, these low calorie mini trainers contain all natural ingredients starting with high quality protein making them the perfect snack for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Each bite sized morsel is between only 1 – 3 calories, and packed with flavour making them ideal for the repetitive rewards required during training.  Whether you are treating or training these mini trainers are sure to motivate your dog to learn and grow into its full potential.

This bundle includes:

  • Freeze Dried Beef Liver Mini Trainers - 4.4oz
  • Soft and Chew Beef Mini Trainers - 4.7oz
  • Soft and Chew Chicken Mini Trainers - 4.7oz
  • Soft and Chew Duck Mini Trainers - 4.7oz
  • Soft and Chew Lamb Mini Trainers - 4.7oz
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