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Best Sellers Bundle

The perfect choice if you're not quite sure.  Our tried and true best sellers are a delicious solution!  Fan favourites since day one.

This bundle includes our high-quality limited ingredient fan favorites.

Superfood Sweet Potatoes – Our top selling single ingredient treat gently dehydrated with our patented process.

Single Ingredient Freeze Dried – Our ½ inch pieces of pure beef protein are great as a meal topper or as an everyday treat while our ¼ inch Mini Trainers are a low calorie treat perfect for the repetitive rewards required during training.

100% North American Beef – Our top selling single ingredient beef treat baked low and slow in our family-owned facility.

Vegetarian Dental Sticks – Our Plaque Busters Original will help remove hard to reach plaque and tarter with an irresistible sweet potato flavour no dog will refuse. 

This Bundle Includes:

  • Sweet Potato Chews – 5.6oz
  • Beef Liver Bites - 2.5oz
  • Freeze Dried Beef Liver Mini Trainer - 1.9oz
  • Beef Tendersticks – 4.9oz
  • Plaque Busters Original – 10 pack
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